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How one of his earliest roles on the “Viking Bikers from Hell” episode of “Miami Vice” foreshadowed “Sons of Anarchy”: “I came right from Stratford, I went right to New York, all these agents were going, ‘You have to come to New York.’ I did happily, and then boom, I land, I go see Bonnie Timmermann, who cast me in ‘Blackhawk Down’ and two other movies as well, I love

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Great to speak with you today, Kim. I’m a huge fan of movies that embrace this kind of super violence, so I’m really looking forward to seeing Officer Downe. That being said, it also seems to have this great story grounding it as well. What did you see in this project initially? Kim Coates: I’m not really from this genre. I barely watched my own show Sons of Anarchy because

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Netflix has the services of Kevin James already engaged starring in new hapless hero action comedy The True Memoirs Of An International Assassin. The film has now added former Sons Of Anarchy man Kim Coates to the cast. The cameras are currently rolling under the direction of Kick-Ass 2’s Jeff Wadlow. Jeff Morris wrote the script, which finds the actor as a mild-mannered accountant who dreams of becoming a thriller

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Billy Zane and Kim Coates have joined Trilight Entertainment’s family movie “The Adventure Club”, which has started shooting in Saskatchewan, Canada. Geoff Anderson is directing from a script by Fred Ewanuick and Robin Dunne, in which a group of young friends form the Adventure Club after finding a mysterious puzzle box. “The Adventure Club” is produced by Shayne Putzlocher, Glenn Paradis, Sara Shaak and Mark Montague. Private equity and gap