26 Oct 2014 Mireia || Gallery, SOA

26 Oct 2014 Mireia || Gallery, Scans, SOA

23 Oct 2014 Mireia || SOA, Videos

22 Oct 2014 Mireia || Nominations, SOA

Vote for SOA in the pre-nominations at the People’s Choice Awards 2015!

  • Sons Of Anarchy – Favorite TV Show (HERE)
  • Sons Of Anarchy – Favorite Cable TV Drama (HERE)
    * Charlie Hunnam – Favorite Cable TV Actor (HERE)
    * Tara Knowles – Favorite TV Character We Miss Most (AQUÍ)
    * Clay Morrow – Favorite TV Character We Miss Most (AQUÍ)
15 Oct 2014 Mireia || SOA

Charlie Hunnam ORG has organized a project to say goodbye to the series. Will you join the project? It is very easy, you have to write a thank you message, explaining what the series has meant to you, your favorite moments, thanking the cast & crew or whatever you can think of. [HERE]

Also, HunnamDaily is also organizing a project but with pictures, fan arts,… [HERE]

Thanks to Charlie Hunnam ORG and HunnamDaily!

Charlie Hunnam ORG ha organizado un proyecto para despedir la serie. ¿Queréis formar parte del proyecto? Es muy fácil, tenéis que escribir un mensaje de agradecimiento, explicar lo que la serie ha significado para ti, tus momentos favoritos, dar las gracias al cast & crew o lo que se os ocurra. [AQUÍ]

Por otro lado, HunnamDaily también está organizando un proyecto pero esta vez con foto, fan arts,.. [AQUÍ]

Gracias a Charlie Hunnam ORG y HunnamDaily!

15 Oct 2014 Mireia || Gallery, SOA