07 Nov 2013 Mireia || Nominations, SOA

Vote for Sons of Anarchy in the People Choice Awards 2014!

Favorite Cable TV Drama (here) or twitter: SoA #cabletvdrama #PeoplesChoice @peopleschoice

The gala will be on January 8th on CBS.

Vota por Sons of Anarchy en los People Choice Awards 2014!

Favorite Cable TV Drama (aquí) o twitter: SoA #cabletvdrama #PeoplesChoice @peopleschoice

La Gala será el 8 de Enero en CBS.

04 Nov 2013 Mireia || SOA, Videos

04 Nov 2013 Mireia || Staten Strong, Videos

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26 Oct 2013 Mireia || Nominations, SOA

A few days have gone the first nominations of the People’s Choice Awards 2014, to choose the final nominees in all categories. You can vote until October 31.

Vote for Sons Of Anarchy:

Favorite Cable TV Drama (HERE)

The final nominees will be announced on November 5.

Hace unos días que han salido las nominaciones de los People’s Choice Awards 2014, para elegir a los nominados finales en todas las categorías. Se puede votar hasta el 31 de Octubre.

Vota por Sons Of Anarchy:

Favorite Cable TV Drama (AQUÍ)

Las nominaciones finales serán anunciadas el 5 de Noviembre.

23 Oct 2013 Mireia || SOA, Videos

23 Oct 2013 Mireia || Gallery, SOA

20 Oct 2013 Mireia || Interview, SOA

It’s entirely possible that no “Sons of Anarchy” character has been in much peril during Season 6 than Tig, who is played by Kim Coates. In fact, it even looked like Tig had met his end earlier in the season, yet he somehow escaped completely unscathed.

Coates spoke with Zap2it bout the future of Tig at a Paley Media Center event that honored FX, the network “Sons of Anarchy” airs on, with the Paley Prize for Innovation & Excellence. “He’s got nine lives, right? Tig could have been gone first season and here I am, wrapping up the sixth season,” Kim says.

When the time comes to finally put the character to rest though, it might not be so difficult. “Honestly, I love playing the guy. I really do and I love my cast mates and I love what [creator Kurt] Sutter does, but I’m really looking forward to moving on. I really am,” Coates says. “I love this show and and I love playing this guy, but seven seasons man, that’s a long time.

That doesn’t mean Coates is ready to run way from the show as soon as possible. He continues, “I’m ready to move on, I’m ready to stay, whatever happens to me, I’m going to be super happy from the bottom of my heart.” Kim is simply at peace with Tig and whatever the end of his story may be.

At the very least, it sounds like the character will be sticking around through the end of the season, which is a welcome relief. (source) – traducción en español


19 Oct 2013 Mireia || Gallery, Public

Added photos of Kim at ‘The Paley Center For Media’s 2013 Benefit Gala Honors FX‘, October 16.

19 Oct 2013 Mireia || Gallery, SOA

Added photos of ‘SOA Through Theo Rossi’s Lens‘ (source).