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How one of his earliest roles on the “Viking Bikers from Hell” episode of “Miami Vice” foreshadowed “Sons of Anarchy”:

“I came right from Stratford, I went right to New York, all these agents were going, ‘You have to come to New York.’ I did happily, and then boom, I land, I go see Bonnie Timmermann, who cast me in ‘Blackhawk Down’ and two other movies as well, I love Bonnie. Anyway she goes, ‘Yeah, that guy, yeah, he’s gonna play this little biker here with Don Johnson.’ I never was on a bike, though. Don Johnson came to visit me in a biker bar, and as fate would have it, Don kind of pushed me up against a wall, and I’m right into it, I do my own stunts as much as they’ll let me, and I cracked my head wide open. I had to take a break and they put some band aid stitches on, finished the scene, then went and got a couple stitches in my head. I said, “Thanks Don!” He said, “Thanks Kim!” And I haven’t seen him since… I’m proud of me in that I always went with my gut my entire career. That was 1987 with Don Johnson, maybe ’87, ’88, and you know, it was 18 years later with ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ 2006 when it started or maybe 2007 I guess. I’ve never planned anything, but I’ve always gone with my gut, and I’m really really glad that I decided to finally take the foray into being a lead on a television series like ‘Sons of Anarchy.'”


04 Jun 2016 Mireia || Interview, Movies, Public

Great to speak with you today, Kim. I’m a huge fan of movies that embrace this kind of super violence, so I’m really looking forward to seeing Officer Downe. That being said, it also seems to have this great story grounding it as well. What did you see in this project initially?

Kim Coates: I’m not really from this genre. I barely watched my own show Sons of Anarchy because of lack of time, and I’m just all over the map in a really good way. When this was offered to me, fifteen, sixteen months ago, my people said, “Oh my god, you need to read this right now and they want you to play the title character. Would you read it?” And I did.

Halfway through this thing, I stopped. I put it down. I said, “This is based on something, right?” They said, “Yeah, a comic book.” I said, “I’m going to go out and get it.” I went out to this beautiful little comic book shop in Pasadena and picked up this hard copy of Officer Downe, which was created by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham.

I turned this book over, and the first scene is so graphic and sexual and funny, that I just went, “Oh my god, they’re writing it just like the comic book.” As I went through the comic book, it was so violent and so in your face. The thing that I really needed to talk to Joe Casey about was whether or not this cop is a good cop. And he is; he’s a good cop through and through. It’s in the future. It’s in LA. I’ve died in real life and they put him on ice hoping in the future they can come up with some sort of technology that would bring this cop back. Well, they did, and so he’s been brought back. I die four or five times in this film. It’s so freaking R-rated. It’s just off the hook, and I’m so proud of this.


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